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Driver sues GM after recalled vehicle traps her for 6 days

Imagine your car careening hundreds of feet into a ravine, trapping you inside for nearly a week and permanently disabling you because the car’s safety features failed. That is what a woman is saying happened to her in a lawsuit against General Motors. In 2009, the plaintiff, now 45, was driving her 2009 Chevrolet Malibu… read more

California Medical Board Encourages Patients To Use On-Line Resources

Patients interested in checking on their doctor’s history have the Medical Board of California now encouraging them to do so. According to San Francisco Business Times, the Board recently began a public relations campaign urging the public to take advantage of online resources for checking the status of their doctors’ license to practice medicine, and… read more

Family sues hotel for wrongful death after ousting visitor

In personal injury law, one of the elements that must be proven in every case is that the defendant owed the plaintiff or victim a duty of due care to take reasonable steps to minimize the risk of harm. This relationship exists between all people. Typical examples are the duty owed by a motorist to… read more


We speak often on this blog about bicycle safety in San Francisco, which is a passion at our firm. A pair of recent crashes shows that the city has a long way to go to be a safe place to ride. The incidents took place within half an hour of each other on Oct. 11,… read more

In products liability cases, strict liability likely applies

In many cases, when you are harmed, in order to collect compensation, you must prove that those who harmed you were negligent; in other words, that they owed you a duty, they breached that duty and in doing so caused you harm, and this resulted in damages (i.e., harm for which a fair dollar value… read more

Slip and Fall Accidents Can Be Serious

People with a negative view of personal injury law often make fun of slip and fall cases. Often the victims of such incidents are portrayed in Movies and TV as exaggerating their injuries and wearing an unnecessary neck brace to court to sway the jury. The truth is, tripping or slipping and falling to the… read more

Elderly Driver Injures Six When Car Leaves Roadway

An exercise class at the gym might be the last place you would expect to be the victim of a car accident, but that is what happened at a Bay Area health club. Sadly, a woman died in the incident, and five others were injured, KPIX-TV reports. The driver in the crash is an 80-year-old… read more

Most people will be victims of misdiagnosis in their lives

It turns out that those of us who go to the doctor when we get sick will be the victim of misdiagnosis at least once in our lives. That is the conclusion of a new report that calls for major changes to the process of examining and diagnosing patients, as discussed by the Associated Press…. read more

Dead Tree Obstructing Sidewalk Blamed In Pedestrian Tragedy

The right to have sidewalks free of obstruction is something we take for granted. When sidewalks are impassable due to debris or unsafe pavement the government has an obligation to fix the situation. In California the obligation to keep public sidewalks and streets clear of dead or dying branches, limbs or entire trees is often… read more

New service allows users to check vehicle recall status using VIN

Considering the massive waves of automobile recalls in 2014, there are more motor vehicles on the roads than ever with an acknowledged and potentially dangerous defect. However, when vehicles are recalled, a large portion of them never make it in to the dealership for a fix. Vehicle owners may not hear about the recall, may… read more