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Study: Doctors mix up intestinal diseases 10% of the time

Some illnesses have similar symptoms, but are actually quite different. If a doctor confuses a patient’s actual disorder with another one, the patient may receive inappropriate medication or treatment that does nothing to restore them to health. In fact, they will likely get worse as their disease progresses unimpeded. A new study suggests that doctors… read more

Honda fined $70 million for not reporting Takata airbag defect

AS leaders in the area of auto safety and passenger protection we have been following the Takata airbag recall story in the press, and are involved in the litigation against Honda as a result of the defective airbags. Millions of vehicles equipped with Takata airbags were part of a massive recall due to a defect… read more

Walkup lawyers serve the community in many ways, part II

In our previous post, we shared some of the ways in which attorneys and other staff for Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger give back by aiding the less fortunate. We focused on our support for worthwhile organizations like Walk San Francisco and the San Francisco Firefighters. We believe that the legal system should be accessible… read more

Walkup lawyers serve the community in many ways, part I

With the holidays here, it is a time many people in San Francisco make their annual charitable donations, or volunteer for their favorite causes. At Walkup, Melodia, Kelly & Schoenberger, giving back to the community is a year-round job. For example, we work with the San Francisco Firefighters during their annual toy drive for children… read more

Once-promising brain injury therapy called a ‘failure’

They say that no scientific experiment is a failure, because even when the results are different than expected, we have gained collective knowledge. When an experimental medical treatment turns out to be ineffective, it can be frustrating, for the millions of people who might benefit. Two new studies, including one funded by the National Institutes… read more