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5-year-old was critically injured after being hit by an SUV

Sadly, there is another case of a young pedestrian getting hit by an SUV in San Francisco to report. As the city seeks ways to improve safety for walkers and bike riders, a 5-year-old girl was critically injured by the vehicle as she crossed the street with her mother. The girl and her mother were… read more

Horrible Tragedy in Martinez Was Not a Freak Accident

A horrible tragedy happened in Martinez on Monday afternoon (March 23, 2015). A gravel trailer tipped over and crushed a 32-year-old woman sitting inside her car. The victim was pregnant. This unfortunate soul is completely blameless; she was directed by a construction worker to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Adding to… read more

Honda recall due to defective airbags

Nearly 105,000 Honda vehicles have been added to the already massive auto recall due to defective airbags. Manufactured by auto parts supplier Takata, the airbags have been linked to several deaths, including five people killed in Honda vehicles. Many of the top automakers in the world use Takata airbags, and have been forced to issue… read more

Family sues surgeon for leaving teen daughter ‘brain dead’

Our readers probably recall the sad story of Jahi McMath, the teen California girl who was declared brain dead after tonsil surgery late in 2013. In an update, her family has sued the surgeon who operated on the girl for medical malpractice. The family says the physician should not have performed the operation due to… read more

Rehab center ordered to pay $10.25M in wrongful death claim

A young man who went to rehabilitation for treatment of an eating disorder and alcoholism died at the facility in 2011. More than four years later, his parents have prevailed in a wrongful death lawsuit against the California rehab center. The jury issued an award of $10.25 million. In their suit, the deceased man’s parents… read more