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Bay Area family sues Oakland over teen’s deadly tree accident

A Bay Area teenager died because the City of Oakland knowingly allowed him to climb a tree that was diseased and unsafe, his family is claiming in a new lawsuit. According to the East Bay Times, the deceased was a 16-year-old boy who was climbing the tree with his friends in December 2015. The tree,… read more

10 injured, 5 seriously in car wreck at Chinatown bus stop

Even waiting at the bus stop in San Francisco is not as safe as you might think. Minding your own business on the curb still can put you in the path of an out-of-control car or truck and expose you to serious injury. That is what happened to 10 people in San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood… read more

Ikea settles dresser death litigation for $50 million

Low-cost furniture chain Ikea has announced that it is settling litigation related to the deaths of three young children caused by unstable dressers. The company has reportedly agreed to pay $50 million to the families of the deceased. The tragic deaths were all caused by Ikea’s Malm dressers, which were found to be dangerously unstable…. read more

Uber’s driverless gamble debuts in San Francisco

The debate over safety, accessibility, reliability and consumer’s acceptance of autonomous vehicles has grown heated as multiple tech businesses have pushed their efforts to get driverless vehicles on the road. Uber jumped to the forefront of the controversy in the Bay Area today by announcing that self-driving cars are part of their etaxi services starting… read more

California dental clinic allegedly sickened children

Going to the dentist should help children stay healthy and pain-free. But an attorney for dozens of California families say that one clinic harmed at least 57 children in the name of profits. The clinic, Children’s Dental Group, is located in Orange County. According to a lawsuit filed against it, dentists at the clinic are… read more